Flying home from our 5th Complete Transformation Retreat, it actually dawned on me how life changing these actually are for our guests and how it’s a pleasure to be a part of these changes, and be able to provide a platform from which our guests can do so.

The final day always gives me immense pleasure, just to see the real personalities coming out, the inner happiness and mojo flooding back into our guests, colour back into their faces and leaving with a sense of gratitude for what they have just experienced and how it has impacted and will continue to impact their lives. The take homes they have experienced on our life coaching modules each evening have a profound effect on each guest, probably unexpected, as most don’t envisage it prior to their arrival. Most of the time, this is what helps them move forward in terms of getting out of their own way, a problem commonly shared by most who need some help.

Over the past 7 nights, I’ve witnessed the ‘switch flick’ in our guests, the reality that eating healthily and clean, can still be tasty, and that there’s more to life than feeling rubbish, no energy, grey, no direction and with all our senses numbed down.

Generally for most people’s switch to ‘click’, it takes getting them out of their current environment and immersing themselves in a new way of living that will drastically improve their life in terms of health, mind and body inclusive.

It’s always on my mind how our returning guests will enjoy it compared to their first time. It’s pretty clear that each time they come back, they are in a different place in their lives since their previous retreat visit and have a completely different view and outlook on how each module can help them move on to the next step on their journey.

We always welcome any feedback to improve their experience. Although we have never had any negative feedback (and I’m pretty proud of the fact), we always strive to improve the experience.

There’s a huge amount that goes into organising everything behind the scenes, from booking flights, bringing over equipment (guest welcome packs, guest nutrition manuals, guest cook books), booking excursions, updating life coaching modules, shopping for food, water, booking transportation, making sure guests are happy and in the best position to elicit change.

10 strangers living in a giant luxury villa on a hill in the sun drenched island of Lanzarote, sounds like something out of Big Brother, I can assure you, these 10 people have shared a pretty special experience together, and this can only form a bond between people that will live for a life time. By the time they leave, numbers, emails and what app groups have been created and shared, and this helps in terms of accountability and support on return, when continuing their journey.

Between 10 people we lost (me included) a combined 45Ibs and 71 inches (hips/waist measurements) in a week. Not a bad bunch of results, considering we didn’t count calories once or track our food intake. How? A combination of monitoring portions, a pretty busy schedule of activities and having three workouts a day for the 7 days bar two. The weight lost is mostly a reduction in inflammation, water retention and some body fat through our Complete Nutrition System eating plan, providing a guaranteed way to help guests feel amazing with more energy, far improved mental clarity, healthy hair, skin and nails and an over-all sense of well-being and positive outlook on life in just 7 days. Is this really possible says you…? We have 40 previous guests who will vouch for that.

The fun, the laughs, the relaxed atmosphere provided guests with an environment where they can do nothing but enjoy themselves over the 7 days. Sometimes you can tell it has been a while since some of our guests have laughed when they arrive, which makes it all that more special when you can help them laugh and become happier healthier people in just 7 days.

It’s inspirational for me and the team.

In fact plenty of people have said it has been the best week they have ever had and more than one have said it’s the best money they have ever spent. I guess that’s why we have so many returning guests. We have guests who have been to three retreats and intend on coming every year for the foreseeable future, that’s pretty cool and again, I couldn’t be more proud.

We had a week of cloudless skies and hot sun, which always helps the weeks experience become that little bit more special. The sun can do wonders for your mood and general well-being, not to mention the glow coming home. The Stand-up paddle boarding off the golden sandy beach of Porta Del Carmen with Yoga and Surf Lanzarote and our Kayaking and snorkelling off the stunning Papagayo beach with Kayak Lanzarote was as enjoyable as ever.

Our trip to the local Teguise markets for that hustle and bustle and local culture, can’t be beaten. Buying presents for love ones, bargaining for a deal or just soaking up the atmosphere is something I always look forward to.

The beautiful little village of Porta Calero is the starting point for our cliff walk. A stunning 5km walk along the cliffs all the way to Porta Del Carmen, provided all our guests with fresh air while soaking up the sun on our relaxing walk. On our way back it’s become a custom to grab a coffee together to enjoy some extended time away from the villa. Getting to know everyone a little better, seeing how the personalities mix and bond is fascinating to me.

On a personal note, this retreat was a little more challenging as I had committed to a fitness photos shoot the week I get back. Tricky to fit in my two training sessions per day and keep to my 10 litre per day water intake. I managed to squeeze it all in, as I always tell myself, it’ll be worth it. Especially when I have made so many sacrifices, and worked so hard to get photo shoot ready!

One sticking point that people use to prevent themselves joining us is cost. Yup it is a significant investment, but if it something that is going to help you solve long standing issues and give you a plan moving forward, what would that be worth to you?

When people come back from retreat, they actually would comment how much value they get as opposed to how expensive it is. After all, cost is what you pay, value is what you get, and we aim to 10 x the value of your investment.

If you would like to join us. Please check out the dates below, see if it suits, budget, then lets chat.

We offer payment plans that spread the cost that suit you.

Embrace change and get out of your own way.

Our next retreats approaching- The Complete Island Escape to Donegal in August 2019 (21st-24th). More Info Here

Our Complete Mind And Body Retreat to Lanzarote in November 2019 (14th-21st). More Info Here

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